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My life in a few paragraphs:
Iris O'Connor, born in Germany, moved to Ireland 20 years ago, now married to himself (Mr. O'Connor) with dog (Jack) and cat (Mouse). Don't work 9-5 as I can not imagine doing the same job day after day but try to help himself buy food for the animals by having a few part-time jobs.
One of them happens to be Sunday work in a second-hand bookshop, my very own library so to speak.

I am entirely self-taught and that self teaching started at an early age (so I'm told) and is an on-going process.

It all began with stones. I collected them, washed them and painted them, gave them away to good homes and when I moved to Ireland I discovered slate. The result can be seen on the 'Slate and Stone' page on this website.

My line drawings started in school (where else?) but developed seriously later on. Because both the pebble work and the drawings are very controlled I thought I needed to 'let go' a bit and that got me onto the mixed media paintings I'm creating now. It wasn't easy, believe me! In the beginning we had a few arguments, the paintings in progress and me, because of my reluctance to hand over above mentioned control. But eventually I started to listen to my intuition. Hope you like the result of my learning experience.

And then there's the photography. I've always had a camera but didn't take it seriously until about 3 years ago. Still plenty of room for improvement, but I like some of them a lot. Hope you do too. I'll keep trying…
I won't even talk about the digital stuff. LOVE IT. And there are hundreds of images sitting on my computer waiting to be released into cyberspace.

That's it in a nutshell, now go to the top of the page and put your mouse over any one of the pretty pictures to get inside the site and have a good look around.

Thanks for looking at my creations, hope you like them as much as I do!

PS: I'm still trying to fill out my website with words, so please excuse the empty spaces. Just thought you might like to see my work. I promise to put some effort into the site whenever I get a chance.

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